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tv   Disrupt With Karen Finney  MSNBC  March 29, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thanks for disrupting your afternoon. in this hour, chris christie wraps up a major speech in las vegas following a bridgegate offensive, president obama returns home and democrats play hardball with the koch brothers. >> i think the democrats will stand the test of time. >> this is a personal one between bill steppian. >> maybe the whole thing happened because of her love
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life. >> in the summer of 2013, there was a personal relationship between those two that had cooled by the first week in august. >> because of problems in her love life. you know how women are, boy crazy. >> why is it always focused on a women and a woman's ability to keep herself together. >> do you think this report is fair to the women they're talking about? >> i assume is the only reason is they didn't get testimony or have documentary evidence which gave them a window into the emotional side of those folks. >> in real life they call it sh slut shaming. >> what is this? are you kidding me? accusing a woman of being emotional? >> governor chris christie left new jersey behind and headed
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west, wrapping up his speech just moments ago to the republican jewish coalition in las vegas, his latest stop in three-day media trip. unanswered questions remain about what really happened, starting with the internal review. while christie says the report exonerates him, it was hired by a firm by the governor. and also claiming that briget kelly, was emotional and her split with stepien may have
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affected her. now, most notably brigitte kelly's lawyer suggests for the first time she may have information critical to unraveling the mystery of what happened. "miss kelly's evidence could be critical to verifying either of the two competing events." >> joining me now zerlina max well and paul butler. i found the statement her lawyers put out very interesting. they were definitely trying to make it clear, hey, we might have something here, too, don't discount us. yet chris christie says he's not concerned. i want to play a little sound for you. he was back to his old cocky
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self. >> briget ann kelly will back up your story when she's under. ♪ >> -- oath? >> i have no idea. if she's telling the truth she is, because we never had no conversation about this ever. >> there's not going to be any phone calls, any e-mails, establishing that you know about this? >> no, because i didn't. >> it makes the strategy of undermining her credibility all the more. >> this is really par for the course. they went with the obvious sexism route to undermine her credibility so that anything she says in the future is discounted, coming from this fairy tale of hysterical women, who apparently nobody noticed she was not qualified to get the very important job she held in the government, two spots below
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the office of the governor. i'm just tired of this. looking long term, is this the strategy that you think is going to be a winning strategy against hillary clinton, to go full tilt sexist against a former staffer? i think it's really unacceptable. >> paul, this is the strategy, we saw this from that first press conference where after he had fired her and he called her stupid and he was really harsh specifically towards her. and even if this report the language that is used describing her and her conduct is very different than the men. it like yet again it's all the woman's fault, the men didn't have enough to do with this at all. >> when i read this supposedly objective report, i kept thinking of a title of an album, "our version of events." this is the chris christie version of events. the new jersey taxpayers were spending $1 million for this document that it was going to be
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objective, but it's so one sided, it really reads like a preview of what his defense will be and it will be throwing briget kelly under the bus, saying she's this hysterical woman, who when she has stuff going on at home, she can't get it together at work. >> since they didn't talk to either one of them, who knows if they even had a personal relationship. and why does that matter? that shouldn't have anything to do with what happened, right? >> when you get dumped, you don't go shut down traffic lanes in fort lee? >> i'm all about revenge when i get dumped but i don't get caught. no, just kidding. >> this goes to the fact that he's really worried here. this sounded more like part of a
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closing argument, speculating about possible alternative theories. why didn't they interview the people involved and get to the bottom of what happened. that's what the report was supposed to do. >> it's my understanding the people declined to be interviewed for the report. the other thing in the report was the way it characterized dawn zimmer saying whether intentional or not, it appears mayor zimmer's objective reflections of the event does not reflect objective reality. they might as well come out say she's crazy. >> and guys don't have subjective opinions, only women. what they say in the report is she has this conversation with the lieutenant governor. the lieutenant governor's people say in this report, when the
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lieutenant governor got back in her car, they say "dawn zimmer is not playing ball." i'd be worried about that. if i had a federal prosecutor and fbi agents looking at everything i've ever done, i think christie has stuff he has to worry about, no matter how much each tries to blame the women. >> clearly he must be nervous. we took a look at some of the specific language used on kelly just to understood score the point. they say she seemed emotional, that she lashed out, that she relied heavily on him, that she was habitually concerned about how she was perceived by the governor. the thing that bothers me the most about this is this feeds into as rachel maddow talk about in the opening segment, this is part of slut shaming, part of demeaning women, saying we're unstable, emotional, can't handle the responsibility and heaven knows if you upset them,
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who know what is they're going to go do, right? >> this is sexism 101. rape culture is something i write about a lot, and even if she was having this alleged relationship, what does that have to do with her ability to do her job? why is that not then also something that they're saying about bill stepien. maybe he was a little bit emotional. >> but that's okay, right? >> that's okay. a man can be default objective but a woman is influenced by outside events going on and that's sexism. >> and to some degree, it's also about whether it's okay to be motional. they talk about the governor be
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emotional. when they talk about the woman being emotional, she loopy and unstable. >> one of his audiences or people who might be future jurors, at least half those people are likely to be women and they simply don't buy this anymore, especially when you have a witness like briget kelly who is his faithful lieutenant, women try to do what they're told and then they get thrown under the bus and called stupid and a liar. she's very sympathetic, she's divorced, got four kids, worked her way up. i think she'll be a compelling witness. >> from everything we've seen from her, she's a hard working, good person. >> we'll see how this unfolds. more unanswered questions. we'll keep a it. and a quick programming note. tomorrow steve talks live with a
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key figure in the chris christie report that nobody has talked to before. don't miss it, 8:00 a.m. on sunday, here on msnbc. >> chris christie and his 2016 gop hopefuls are in las vegas vying for his support. >> and harry reid says republicans are addicted to koch, the koch brothers that is. is casting the koch brothers as villains a winning political strategy? well, that's ahead. hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications
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. it's off to the races. this weekend marks not only the start of the gop's 2016 candidate celebs process, but
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also a further shift in how they're going to select their 2016 nominee. a handful of 2016 hopefuls have descended on las vegas to kiss the reng aing and attempt to wi support of sheldon addelson. he shifted his support to mitt romney only to walk away empty handed. this time he's determined to get a win, making it clear he's willing to forego ideological purity and personal shendships to find the established candidate with the best chance of winning. that early backing could be a hunk advantage for a candidate and it could influence others not to run. jeb bush, scott walker, john
1:16 pm
cakasich and chris christie are jockeying for position. and what is this influx of cash from an independent mega donor mean for the future of our presidential election process in america? joining me now, kasie hunt and jonath jonathan, thank you for joining us. kasie, i'm going to start with you first. tell us what it's like, what's the mood there? >> sure. we heard today from governor chris christie, governor shot walker and governor kasich is addressing a luncheon as we speak. this is the parade of
1:17 pm
presidential hopefuls here to court addelson, who owns the hotel where this is being held. chris christie said he learned not to get too comfortable with the people around him. he made jokes about his own personality, he tied in his personality to how he would govern and implicitly criticized president barack obama. he said no one in new jersey has ever questioned whether i was a friend or not, sort of a jab at the president's position in the world. but, you know, it's interesting, i think there's been as much chatter about jeb bush here has there has been about chris christie. jeb bush addressed a private v.i.p. event held at sheldon
1:18 pm
addelson's private hangar. >> who has gotten the best reaction or who has gotten the most animated reaction, so far as can you tell from the crowd if. >> governor scott walker's speech was received as somewhat flat. governor chris christie was received very well. the crowd here was enthusiastic. he got a lot of laughter, a lot of applause. even for his bridgegate answer, the crowd was very enthusiast nick receiving that. and donors i talked to on the sidelines say they think it's possible he still has a chance. the bridgegate scandal has come up as a knock against him. if he could have come in here and been the front-runner before that, this has sent people back to the drawing board. people have said we still like this guy, we might give him the benefit of the doubt but we could go looking for somebody else. >> jonathan, obviously we're having fun looking at this as
1:19 pm
the march to 2016 but as dan baltz wrote earlier this week, if you can wrap up endorsement from addelson, that makes you a candidate. so does that make it so that sheldon addelson makes you a a formidable candidate? in a statement, it was said: >> it much more than that. it's a cattle call, an early
1:20 pm
indication, it an indictment of what our democracy has become. close to $100 million one guy? this is banana republic stuff. this is the kind of stuff that has happened in other countries which where guy with a lot of business before the u.s. government. adelson -- will are at least two federal investigations of adelson's companies. we know what he wants from a president dancing on his string. he wants those investigation cancelled. these questions are not being asked, this is being covered as if it now a normal part of our political process. it's outrageous that this is accepted as business as usual within the rather parties. there should be other republicans that say i'm going
1:21 pm
to run without this guy's money, i'm going to get small donors, small deed crass vicious not big money. >> bobby jindal and rick perry were not invited who made this clear they're throwing their support behind adelson's opposition to internet gambling. clearly the support of this $100 million donor is what people are seeking. and given the desperation to win in 2016, i don't think republicans will get the small donors. it's shameful. >> newt gingrich wouldn't have even been a candidate if adelson wasn't behind him the last time. it might be that internet gambling is not such a great thing, but it's obviously in his interest since he owns casinos to be against legalized internet
1:22 pm
gambling. but the idea that you have politicians who are literally at the beck and call of an individual, it one thing to do the bidding of interest groups. that's an old thing in american politics, but we have really never had before this one individual with this degree of power in a presidential primary. eig it's a scary thing. >> i absolutely agree with you. while people are covering this as a horse race, it is frightening to think all these guys drop what they're doing, go out there just for the blessing of this one donor when we are years away from the start of the process. thank you to kasie hunt and jonathan alter. >> coming up, the president's effort to unify european allies in the standoff against russia may have worked. >> and later, one woman's determination to take on bill oil and save her family's farm.
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after president obama spent the week working the levers of diplomacy on his overseas trip, there are signs today of a breakthrough with escalating tensions of russia. john kerry literally turned his plane around on his way home from saudi arabia to head back to paris for continued talks with russia's foreign minister. word came in that he and sergei lazaroff have worked to discussion solutions. there could also be updated numbers on the affordable care act, which crossed an important threshold this week, 6 million
1:27 pm
signups. can you bet it will not stop the attacks. >> thank to you both, gentlemen, for joining me. what does it tell us there was this last-minute potential sift, if you will, that sent john kerry back to paris? >> well, it's always good to be talking and i think it's important the two presidents talked and that they're meeting in paris tomorrow. i'm a little confused as to what the so-called negotiation is about, however. if you read the russian statements and the russian readouts of the phone calls, they don't even mention crimea. i'm worried they've now said crimea is ours, we've won that battle and let's now move beyond ukraine. i don't like the terms of those
1:28 pm
kinds of negotiations. if crimea is not part of the negotiation, i think it's negotiating from a position of weakness. >> and, you know, e.j., to that point i think one of the questions in the lavrov-kerry talks, can lavrov really deliver? we've seen times where they've had one conversation and it does not seem to jive with the conversation happening at the kremlin. >> i agree with the ambassador that this could be the classical joke of what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable, where if putin is willing to talk about everything including crimea, this could really be a breakthrough and perhaps it is a response to the fear of not only the sanctions that have happened but ratcheting up sanctions to include particular sectors of the russian economy. but if he's pocketing crimea and then saying i want other
1:29 pm
concessions from ukraine, i think that puts the west and president obama and john kerry out there in a very difficult circumstance. from reading the two statements, it's hard to know what the negotiation is really about. >> and, ambassador, to that point, on the call with president obama, putin also brought up moldova. the readout from the kremlin says "vladimir putin also pointed out that transnisthia is essentially experiencing a black cade which significantly commit kaitz -- complicates the living conditions. i assume this will be part of the conversation between lavrov and kerry. >> you're right. and it's changes the terms of
1:30 pm
the negotiation, and it's very obvious. now we're not going to talk about crimea. we're going to talk about how ukraine needs to change its constitution, we're not going to talk about the russian invasion of crimea. all the while while russian troops are amassing on ukraine's border. i do not know what the proposals are but from a far reading, i don't like the terms of the negotiation. e.j. quoted the what's mine is mine and what's your is negotiable. >> i would just say, e.j., it seems like kerry's hand is strengthened by the fact that the president did seem to galvanize support from the nato allies earlier in this trip. >> i think something good has come of all of this and that is that relations with the
1:31 pm
europeans between president obama and the united states and the europeans are much stronger now. the unions were a little worried over the last several years that our policy was drifting more and more toward asia, that we didn't care about europe that much and there really has been quite a lot of solidarity across the atlantic on this issue and the europeans face a lot of potential difficulties with economic sanctions given their ties to russia. i think that's a promising aspect of what has been a difficult situation. >> another part of the president's fingertip, he stopped off and saw the pope and the affordable care act was one of the topics of discussion. as the president comes home, he has reached what is a very important deadline -- i'm sorry, goalpost in 6 million signups. so clearly the president has got some good news to come home to.
1:32 pm
>> right. and i think this gives supporters of the affordable care act sort of a third chance to make a decent impression. they didn't do it well the first time when they passed it, the roll-out was terrible but now you've got some real numbers there. those 6 million and a whole lot of other people through the medicare expansion in the states that are willing to do it, a whole lot of people on their parents' health plans. so i hope that people get aggressive and kind of proud of the thing. there's been so much defensiveness in response to these attacks. a whole lot of people are getting health insurance who couldn't get health insurance before. that's a really big deal. i think democrats should stop being afraid of defending that. >> i am so with you on that, e.j. >> democrats, did you hear that? stop being afraid of defending that. >> still ahead, democrats play hard ball with the koch brothers.
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that's one of nut campaign ads hitting the airwaves this week as part of democrats' strategy to counter the 2014 efforts by the koch brothers. it also represents a shift in strategy for the democrats. airing in north carolina where koch groups have already spent millions against thom tillus.
1:37 pm
the koch brothers are a big part of that plan. according to the "new york times," the kochs and their affiliated groups have already spent some $30 million on political ads and other activities to defeat democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections. it was the extensive network of koch funded organizations that spent an estimated $400 million in the 2012 election cycle. while house and senate democrats and their affiliated groups will not likely able to match spending by the koch network, their strategy dubbed the gop is addicted to koch aims to make them villains in their narrative, casting them as the 1%, pulling the springs in their favor, making life harder for the middle class.
1:38 pm
it was democratic senate majority leader harry reid who kicked off the strategy in early march. >> so i ask my republican colleagues in the senate, is even one of you, even one of you willing to stand up and disavow the koch brothers radical agenda. it would be a terrible thing to allow the koch brothers to buy congress. it's too bare bd they're trying buy america, two brothers that are about as unamerican as i can remember. >> so the question is is this a winning strategy for democrats? will it actually help them hold on to the senate? for more let's bring in dave leventhal and doug thornel, a democratic strategies and former national press secretary for the democratic congressional campaign committee. thanks to you both. here is the question. dave, i'm going to start with you. we saw a poll this week that
1:39 pm
says 52% of americans don't know who the kochs are. so the question then becomes -- obviously there are -- the question becomes is it really worth it to spend the resources to make these guys into the boogeyman? >> the democrats absolutely are. they haven't just been doing it since harry reid started talking about it a couple weeks ago. this goes back to december and late 2013 when every fund-raising blast that the democrats were sending out to their supporters, to their potential bankrollers were all about the koch brothers. it wasn't so much about john boehner and mitch mcconnell, it was about using the koch brothers as a proxy for all of the issues they feel the koch brothers are wrong on and using them as a pivot point to talk about issues such as health c e
1:40 pm
care. >> one of the things that strek u struck me as interesting in the "new york times" where you had the democratic pollster talking about the data they have that suggests when you tie individual candidates to the kochs, that that actually does undermine that candidate. again i put the question to you, do we think this is potentially an effective strategy or just a lot of money being spent on we're not quite sure? >> it's absolutely the right thing democrats need to be doing right now. it's not actually new. you can actually go back to the 2012 election. the obama came pain alpaign als the koch brothers. they tied romney to the koch brothers' agenda. they've tried it before and it has worked. there are other things we're
1:41 pm
going to need to be doing to maintain the senate, but right now i think it's about $18 million, $19 million so far, more than any other group that's aligned with democrats combined on the nine states that are really up for grabs in the senate. so if we're not responding and punching back, then we're just getting hit and that's absolutely the wrong political strategy for any campaign, any -- i know the kochs have been a target for some time. what felt knew and got the conversation going was harry reid. there was a lot of conversation as to why is harry reid doing this? is this raeg as you pointed out, it seems to be a lucrative strategy.
1:42 pm
dave wyble vote this week if sent out e-mails with the kochs in it, those did three times as well in terms of fund-raising as the other e-mails. the question i have to you is will it translate to votes. it's clearly translating to money but will it translate to votes? >> this is something targeth $ at the base. they're using it at the fund-raising e-mails and the blasts they send out. will. >> there was a recent poll that came out that showed more than half of all americans don't even know who the koch brothers are, but also on a broader level, more generally speaking, it's pretty amazing that we're even having this conversation in the sense that organizations such as super parks or nont profit are
1:43 pm
such a star player here in an election. this would have been unthinkable four or six years ago because of the way the election laws have played. >> to that point, one of the ways they like to push back is, well, labor unions, right? i believe there was an analysis down, the koch brothers, if you compare -- the number of labor members, 515 union members to one koch brother, that false equivalent falls apart. >> they spent over $400, $700, $800 million in the last election. to dave's point, not a lot of people know who they are but more than i thought. that's another reason they need to raise the jent and tying it
1:44 pm
what none of this money is disclosed. we tried to make that happen a couple years ago. republicans opposed that. so it's absolutely imperative that democrats make it clear what agenda will take to washington if they win this cycle. >> i'll tell you, i think the other piece of this is it suggests that we need campaign finance reform yet again, if these two brothers can have so much potential influence in so many races. >> it would be good to pass a disclose act. i think that's a good step. >> thanks difficult length el that will. >>. >> it's a modern day david and goliath battle and it is not over yet. [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker.
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a couple weeks ago we told you about this woman who took
1:52 pm
transcanada to court to stop them from seizing her land to put the pipeline on it. transcanada said they had a right to build the pipeline on her form without her consent. the texas supreme court had decided in her favor saying that transcanada had to explain why this land seizure really is in the public interest. but after a review, that court dealt crawford a blowi issuing statement saying "the supreme court of texas denied the petition for review as amended. the pipeline will send 830,000 barrels of oil gushing across her land.
1:53 pm
this week she will file a final motion for a rehearing. if that doesn't work, she's prepared to take on the texas eminent domain law herself. thanks to you both for coming back. julia trigg, tell us what your argument is going to be in your motion. >> karen, the opportunity to file a motion for rehearing it your last shot. and we will try to make more clear the issues we think are at the table. we may, me and my attorney, have done our research because two years ago this court acknowledged that property rights are precious and checking a box shouldn't give one the power. we're hoping to reinfuse that kind of mindset with this last document that's due on the 4th. >> and paula, what can julia
1:54 pm
trigg say to refine that argument that's going to be more potent than previous arguments? >> i think to put a fine point on it, essentially what needs to be truly emphasized is the takings power belongs to the government and if the government determines it's going to delegate that enormous responsibility, it's got to take good care to make sure its designee is indeed a fiduciary of the public trust. it seems suspect that a designee like transcanada, a foreign, private corporation could somehow become vested with the quasi governmental function simply by checking off a box on a one-page fortunately. >> julia, haven't you also said in essence of what the public good is actually in this case, texas is not going to benefit from the oil going through your land. >> there's no on-ramp for texas
1:55 pm
oil to even get into this pipeline. you take away the people who would be putting oil in a pipeline. i wish i had a job where i could check a box and start doing whatever i wanted to do and not have to prove i had the right to do it. >> let's talk briefly. if this doesn't work, the next work is to go after the law itself. we know there have been some efforts in nebraska and kentucky to actually challenge those laws. what would that look like? >> it would have to be on constitutional grounds mindful that the fifth amendment to the constitution makes plain the takings power is a function of government, government or quasi governmental actors. it seems extraordinary to allow a designation to a privatized in this case foreign corporation on the basis of its asserting that it is somehow a common carrier when even those criteria seem less than certain. i think as well that this case
1:56 pm
eventually might be ripe rite for a u.s. supreme court review. >> do you suspect it will get to the supreme court? >> i hope so. nebraska has come down hard against a designation of the takings power to other than governmental regulatory agenci s agencies. texas has declined to do so. this matter needs to be resolved by the u.s. supreme court. >> julia, i wish you luck. i hope you are able to defeat this law because of what it will mean for you and for others in texas. >> for those watching this, we're playing out what we can in the courts, working our channels -- >> you can say it. >> and we're also trying to bring something people together. we formed the texas pipeline watch. if we can't get changes made outside, i think we're going to have to do it ourselves. >> i think you are going to have to do it yourselves and you are
1:57 pm
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